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Medicaid Eligibility
Medicaid is a County issued program, in which you must reside in the county for which you apply. Eligibility is based on income and resources available to your family. There are income limits set as guidelines for each family size. 
Events to Trigger a Fraud Investigation
* A fraud referral called into the fraud hotline
* An earnings clearance or employment match
* A bank or asset match
* Federal or State tax return
What to do if You are Suspected of Medicaid Fraud
If you are suspected of Medicaid fraud, you will get a letter from the local Human Resource Administrations Office. They are going to request you come to the office for an investigative interview. It is best if you cooperate with them and bring all requested documentation to support your case. You will be requested to bring with you the following verification to support your eligibility:
* Some form of State-issued identification
* Pay stubs, proof of all income received by your household
* Tax returns, if self-employed (profit and loss statement)
* Bank statements 
* Birth and marriage certificates
* Vehicle registration cards for all vehicles 
What to do if You Have Been Accused of Medicaid Fraud 
Sometimes, no matter how well you cooperate, you might still find yourself being accused of Medicaid fraud. Most likely it is due to the enrollment agent that came to your neighborhood to help you with the process did not care if you did it correctly, they were only trying to get enrollment numbers and did not take the time to properly walk you through the process. This is when you need the assistance of a NY medicaid fraud lawyer
There is a law firm that has been assisting families investigated of Medicaid fraud in the New York area for 36 years. They can help in both civil and criminal matters. Give Spodek Law Group a call and set up a consultation appointment right away.

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