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Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Serious charges, serious consequences

Medicaid fraud is a serious crime with consequences that range from fines to prison time. If you're accused of Medicaid fraud, you need to hire an attorney immediately. There's no time to wait. Even an inexperienced attorney would be better than no attorney at all, but given the serious nature of the charge, you need a tough attorney who knows the Medicaid laws in your state on the inside and the outside. He or she should have a proven track record for defending clients against even the most uphill of battles.

Medical problems

Medicaid is a state program that is sometimes helped out with federal dollars. It's usually reserved for people who have serious health problems and need health insurance to have any kind of normal life at all. Defrauding Medicaid programs out of money is one of the most serious charges you can face in court. The state is serious about protecting its dollars and it will throw every lawyer in the world at you to ensure that it protects its program. Medicaid's intention is to help people who truly need it.

If you don't need healthcare coverage from the state due to a disability, or you receive more than you deserve in healthcare, then it's time to get on the phone and call a lawyer. Sometimes people are falsely accused of defrauding the program because of misunderstandings. Don't let this kind of horrible legal battle take you down. You are potentially facing years in prison. A medicaid fraud attorney will go to work for you and help you beat the charges against you so that you either walk away free of the charges or you get the best possible outcome for your unique legal situation. Don't wait to call. Call today.

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