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What you need to know when hiring a Medicaid fraud attorney

If you know you need the services of a Medicaid fraud attorney, there are a few things you will need to know about hiring one before you actually do.


After all, a Medicaid fraud attorney can make or break your case and, as this is going to be the person you depend upon, you do want to be sure you are comfortable with the one you choose.


How many cases has she worked on? -- Find out how many cases the Medicaid fraud attorney you speak to has worked on and how many she has won.


The success rate of a Medicaid fraud attorney is key when it comes to finding one that could help you, so do try to find one who wins 70 percent of her cases or more.


How many years has she fought Medicaid fraud cases? -- The more experience a Medicaid fraud attorney has, the more likely you are to win your case. Ask each lawyer you speak to how many years they have worked on Medicaid fraud.


Speak to as many as possible -- Do not just blindly hire a Medicaid fraud attorney after reading a couple of ads.


Call up each Medicaid fraud attorney you are interested in and ask for a free consultation either in person, on the telephone or via Skype. This will give you a good idea about the type of person they are and if you feel comfortable with them.


Compare prices -- Each medicaid fraud attorney you look at is going to charge a different price, so do be sure you compare each price quoted to you before making a final choice.


Also find out how much money each one wants upfront, if any, before you agree to hire anyone.

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