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     Every individual who receives Medicaid unlawfully has to get subjected to investigations. Medicaid fraud is an activity of billing for services which are not provided, doing unnecessary tests, having unnecessary referrals, as well as charging separately for each service which has usually get offered as packaged rate. You can get a letter from NYC HRA showing information of your eligibility for medical health insurance has to be reviewed; this means you actually under investigation for Medicaid fraud. There are different questions which get asked by many about cases of Medicaid frauds, some of issues include.


Why is a person's Medicaid Fraud case flagged?


     The reason for why most cases of Medicaid frauds in NYC get flagged is, because of the recipients of those frauds fail to disclose your full household incomes on their application or during certification. It also happens if as a recipient you fail to update the agency on your income increase. People get investigated if you perform one of these activities of not disclosing: their recent income earnings, their unearned incomes such as rental income, and gains from stock, gifts interest, and support. If you get caught, you can face legal consequences such as criminal charges, restitution payments, as well as fines.


What if you get a call from the District Attorney's office?

     If a Medicaid fraud case leads to an investigation and you end up with a criminal charge, you will get arrested and have held in cells until the time you will meet a judge. The criminal cases that you can face may involve a felony, possession of stolen property, grand larceny, and much more. 

For every Medicaid fraud investigation criminal case you meet, it is essential to contact and hire a qualified Medicaid Fraud Attorney who can reach the DA's office on your behave and negotiate the settlement of the case on your favor. The Attorney is capable of sorting out the matter efficiently that you could do it yourself.

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