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Nothing can be as jolting to your system like getting that notification in the mail that you are being investigated for suspicion of Medicaid benefits fraud. The reasons you were selected can be many, but one thing is for certain, you need to be acting as quickly as possible before things get steadily worse. The reason it is important you get talking with a local Medicaid fraud attorney is because the clock is ticking quickly and when time runs out you are going to be subjected to a wide array of serious penalties.
What Can Trigger the Fraud Alert
The reason for the fraud alert could be many, but here are just some of the more popular reasons the investigation was opened against you. Perhaps you neglected to list assets on your application that were recently detected through a tax return that you filed. There are cases where an anonymous source will call in to report you, from a close friend to a coworker. If you have children in school, documentation you submitted may contradict wheat was on your application and caused the investigation. Your local Medicaid fraud attorney will be able to help you resolve the issue the sooner that you reach out to them.
How to Get This Issue Resolved
You will be hard pressed to try and convince a judge on your own if an investigation is already underway. Showing up to court unprepared could have the opposite effect you are looking for, as the judge may feel you are not taking this matter serious. Your local medicaid fraud attorney will gather all the documentation needed to satisfy the court and to try and persuade the judge to not fine you or take away your benefits. This is something they work on each week in court and have the experience to help. 

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